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Contact PersonPhotomatic
Address5A, Indra Roy Road, Bhawanipur
Kolkata - 700025
West Bengal
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PHOTOMATIC brings to you a team of artists to capture your exclusive moments in your life whether be its your marriage or something like in a portfolio where your photos will speak for you, about you when presented, it can also be a great family gathering or it can be a great show of your performance like a theater stage, every such moment is so precious to you and so is to us as well and we thus give our best to photograph those and offer you an album filled with artistically angled lively photos to make you feel in that moment back, every time you turn the pages. We promise !!!In short we offer quality to be cherished long.
State/UTWest Bengal
Payment ModeCash, Bank Transfer
Photography Style & TechniqueCandid, Photojournalistic, Traditional
Cinematography Style & TechniqueTraditional Full Coverage
Photography Product & ServicesSecond Photographer
Photography CategoriesPre Wedding
Photography DeliverablesCD / DVD

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