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"My journey began from a trip to Hongkong, where I witnessed many things worthy of being captured, things that could make me relive the moments I spent at the serene locations there. Unfortunately, all I had then was my mobile phone camera. It was at that very moment I realised that I had to get myself a camera, after all life is worth capturing as you live it. I gave in to the urge and bought myself a camera to preserve memories and that's what started my journey of digital photography. Majority of my initial time was spent in pursuing a career as a computer engineer, which seldom left time for photography. Whatever little time I had left went into following my passion making me realise the beauty of the world, when looked at through a lens. I gradually discovered that photography was beyond being just a hobby. Appreciation and inspiration came in the form of praise for my work at my first exhibition and getting published twice in the Times Photo Journal. That's when a spur of the moment's decision led me to resigning of my job and pursuing my hobby as a profession. And the rest, they say, is history!Through my photographs, I aim to capture the spirit and personality of my subjects. I aim to convey the various emotions and expressions of the people; after all, photography is not just about presentation, it is about expressions. I am a keen observer, my goal is to capture a moment that I hope manages to narrate an entire story or give an insight into the soul of the person captured.'In our life, time passes by so quickly that we forget to enjoy the little things. If I can make people relive Those beautiful little things and see the beauty of life, I have fulfilled my purpose.'"
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Photography Style & TechniqueCandid

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Namit Narlawar Photography

Namit Narlawar Photography

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