Kamna Arora Choreography

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Contact PersonKamna Arora
Address Delhi NCR
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The team at 'Kamna Arora Choreography' stems from three very simple ideas, or lets say feelings; the love for WEDDINGS, love for DANCE, and of course being in love with the idea of celebrating LOVE itself!Being a part of a wedding household,creating some fun moments, teaching and learning at the same time are some of the happiest moments for me.The idea of dancing with the families, teaching the friends, creating moments between the bride and groom, and just being able to create happiness in a wedding house is what drives me.A little bit of Bollywood music and then its just me and my happy feet grooving to the music! I hope to do the same for you and with you.I look forward to being apart of your beautiful wedding journey.
CityDelhi NCR

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Kamna Arora Choreography

Kamna Arora Choreography

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