Diksha Dance Troupe

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Contact PersonVinod
Address Kolkata
West Bengal
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He is born with talent & creativity. At the age of 13 in the year 1990 during his schooling he gave his 1st live performance on stage that was choreographed by himself. This was the beginning of his dance career as a dancer from school & brought him to the commercial world of dance events & shows. Since Year 2000 he set up his own dance academy & dance company in the name of DIDA - DIKSHA (means education & dedication in English) INSTITUTE OF DANCE ART where he gives training & polishes new talents in ALL FORMS OF DANCE (WESTERN, EASTERN, BOLLYWOOD FILMY, HIP HOP, SALSA, CONTEMPORARY, JIVE, CREATIVE, SEMI CLASSICAL, ACROBAT, LIFTS & SHINE IN DANCE & many more......)
State/UTWest Bengal

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Diksha Dance Troupe

Diksha Dance Troupe

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